Lemon Thyme Dish Soap


Lemon Thyme Dish Soap

Best Seller!

Lemon Thyme Fragrance - Lemon, Mandarin, Orange, Thyme.

How GORGEOUS is this! Our NEW sleek glass bottle with stainless steel pour spout! Don't forget your REFILL Dish Soap Pouch.

Recycled + Refillable= Responsible

Paraben, Sulfate and Phthlate FREE.

Your kitchen never smelled so GOOD!.  No more Dishpan Hands with our new Sulfate FREE formula! Wash your dishes with naturally derived cleaning agents including nature's best degreaser, soap bark extract. Aloe vera, vitamins and botanical extracts help soothe and soften hands.  Fresh clean scent.

Fragrance: An explosion of sweet succulent meyer lemons energized by bright and sunny mandarin orange nectar weaved around a fresh herbal accord of earthy thyme.

Made in the USA.