Paper Bouquet Murillo Tulips


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Paper Bouquet Murillo Tulips

Send some colorful and whimsical earth friendly creations that pop open and bring joy to any room. Earth friendly flowers that never lose their color.

Not all Tulips are the same. Decorate any room or brighten someone's day with a gift of these colorful, pop up double flower Murillo Tulips.

Fun and festive, the exciting colors of a bouquet of Freshcut Paper Murillo Tulips are sure to delight someone dear to you. One of the first flowers to arrive in spring, tulips are bringers of joy and symbolize a fresh outlook. The fanciful petals of these flowers dazzle without any need for chemical preservatives and are crafted with love from 100% recyclable paper. Easy to please, they require no water or maintenance to keep them thriving. Happiness shouldn’t have an expiration date, so let these blooming beauties continue to bring smiles throughout the coming years.

100% Recyclable