Idaho Fine Art Print- 11"x 14"


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Idaho Fine Art Print-11"x 14"

This Idaho state print was inspired by my deep love for nature: the art print features the Idaho state flower and various other wildflowers found growing throughout the state. The artwork was created using watercolor and liquid ink, and the black outlining is using a highly pigmented India Ink. All my art prints are beautifully printed on a heavy 220# cotton paper. Prints are sold as 5” x 7”, 8” x 10” and 11”x14", and are extremely easy to frame. Each print is signed by artist. Prints are perfectly packaged with your shop in mind. Featured Idaho Wildflowers: - Syringa (State Flower) - Red Clover - Wild Lupine - Alpine Aster - Wild Rose

© Amanda Klein, 2020.
Made in United States of America